No employer on-boarding required

Receive your wage in less
than 48 hours no matter where
you are

Track your wages
at all 

Cheaper than traditional bank transfers

Global access

Secure and compliant

How it works?

Employee sets up an account at Bitwage

Bitwage issues specific banking details for the user

Employee gives these new banking details to employer or client

Payroll sends USD wire or direct deposit to the employee’s Bitwage banking details

Bitwage delivers digital assets directly to the wallet or account of employee’s choice same or next day

Bitwage vs Bank

Bitwage constantly analyzes all the mechanisms to distribute wages across borders, comparing traditional systems such as bank wires with new international gateways, such as XBT and XRapid protocols. Through this fully encompassing approach, Bitwage radically reduces the cost of paying workers, freelancers and outsourcing firms across borders.

Send 1000 USD
Same to Next Day
Neither party pays service fees
Retail Exchange Rate is 50.21 PHP/USD
Receive 50,210.00 PHP
Bank wire
Send 1000 USD
5-14 business days
Sender and Receiver both pay 25-45 USD
Retail Exchange Rate is 47.03 PHP/USD
Receive 42,797.30 PHP