Payroll for domestic and international workforces

Give your employees the option of receiving their wages in their preferred mix of Bitcoin, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies and local currencies. Simplify paying your global workforces while ensuring they get paid faster and cheaper.

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The most flexible & compliant Bitcoin, cryptocurrency & stablecoin payroll system

Account dashboard

Your dashboard for tracking platform usage at a glance.

Our awesome features
Manage workers

Set up multiple user types and administrative profiles. Automate worker onboarding.

Our awesome features
Automated invoicing and expenses

Workers create invoices and expenses with our built in solution. Track and manage multiple invoices at once.

Our awesome features
Compliant reporting

Multiple kinds of reporting to meet accounting, tax, and other regulatory requirements

Our awesome features
Integrate with your payroll system

Offer crypto benefits with no additional overhead to HR organization

Our awesome features
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Deposits directly to wallets and bank accounts

Workers provide their wallet or bank accounts of choice. No wallet lockin for your workers.

Bitwage academy to educate your workforce

Videos, articles and live webinars about:

Bitcoin & cryptocurrecy fundamentals

Wallets and storage (custody)

Cryptocurrency usage

Considerations before getting paid

How to fully benefit from Bitwage

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Our awesome features