Without your employer signing up receive your wage in any percentage in almost any currency

Frictionless Invoicing
No employer onboarding required
Start receiving faster and cheaper wages immediately!
Next Day Wages
Receive your wage in less than 48 hours
No more waiting for your wage!
Trackable Wages
Track your wages at all times with our Bitwage Guarantee
No more worrying about your wage!


We give you a bank account number depending on your client/employer's location (United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland)


You invoice your client/employer using that bank account information
(tell your employer or payroll provider to send any percentage of your payroll to that account)


You get your wage in almost any currency on the next day after deposit.

Case Study


"International Wire Transfer: Worst option ever, it takes about 15 business days to complete an international wire transfer to Brazil. The dollar exchange rate + transfer fees applied are also considerably high, we lose about 3~4% of our money when using bank wires."


"Bitwage is the best option since it doesn't require the client to create any kind of account, they can simply pay it using Wire or ACH as they've been done their entire life. The process is also really quick since it takes about just 2 business days to make the payment appear in my account. The fact that you guys don't put an initial transfer limit value is really a huge upside specially when it comes to companies that usually need to handle big amounts of money. The only "spent" that it appears to have is in the USD/BRL exchange rate, for example, at this moment google's USD/BRL exchange rate is R$4.00/U$1.00 and Bitwage's is R$3.95/U$1.00 which means I lose about 1.25% for each payment. But compared to all the benefits I believe this a fairly good price."

- Cássio, Cheesecake Labs

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