Insured Wages


Insured Wages

We at Bitwage handle wages with the highest possible level of security. We work with security experts through our public bug-bounty program and with other independent experts including our security advisor to develop in-house enterprise grade security. We align with ISO and NIST standards as well as industry best practices for financial service organizations including banking grade encryption of user data, strict password management policies, multi-factor authentication and secure elements for sensitive processes, and annual audits that include a physical audit of our business headquarters address.

Our security policies and procedures have been vetted by top rated cyber liability insurance experts, and we have insurance against cyber-attacks from a top-rated insurance carrier with an AM Best Rating of A and above. We do not store an inventory of virtual currency, nor do we store customer funds. This means that we hold your funds for a very short time and thus the the risk of loss from malicious actors or otherwise is low. By partnering with a top-rated insurance carrier, it is our goal to provide our customers with a peace of mind that their wages are in a safe place after invoicing their clients and waiting for their funds to arrive.

Guaranteed Trackable

If we cannot track your wage, we will refund any fees collected.

Bitwage, Inc. (“Bitwage”) guarantees that it has the ability to monitor and track all inbound and outbound payments sent through its system to and from its clients. Upon request from the client, Bitwage will provide the client with information on where the payment is in the process. If, prior to delivery of a payment, Bitwage is unable to determine and communicate where the client’s payment is in the process, Bitwage will refund any and all fees that Bitwage collected from the client for that particular payment. Bitwage reserves the right to update or change this guarantee at any time and without prior notice.

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