The innovative distributions of Bitwage International Wages


Bitcoin Payroll delivers 4-13 days faster than Bank Wire

Saves 3,640.43 PHP (8.16 %)

Bitcoin Payroll Bank Wire

Send 1000 USD
5-14 business days.
Sender and Receiver both pay 25-45 USD.
Retail Exchange Rate is: 45.77 PHP/USD
Receive 44,622.43 PHP

Bitcoin Payroll

Send 1000 USD
Same to Next Day.
Neither party pays service fees.
Bitwage Exchange Rate is: 48.26 PHP/USD.
Receive 48,262.86 PHP

Bitcoin Payroll

Faster Payments

Unlike traditional methods, Bitwage offers Same to Next Day international payments with no limits.

Bitcoin Payroll


Sender and Receiver can track where the money is at all times using a tracking code. Reduce support costs.

Bitcoin Payroll

Lower Costs

The average cost of sending payments across borders is 8% . We bring this down to under 1% on average.

Bitcoin Payroll
Bitcoin Payroll

Save Your Money in any of 20 different currencies or 4 commodities.

Hold your funds in your favorite currencies and commodities, from USD and Euro to Gold and Silver. Full Currency List

Bitcoin Payroll


Send & receive wage payments in hard to reach places, such as Russia, India and Pakistan. Hold funds in reserve currencies.

Bitcoin Payroll

Alternative to direct deposit & checks

Receive wages to Savings and withdraw using Debit Card.

Bitcoin Payroll

Secure & Compliant

Implementing bank level industry standard security. Architecture aligned with ISO, NIST & PCI compliance standards.

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Bitcoin Payroll

Spend Your Money Anywhere that Accepts Visa Debit Cards

One card for every country you go. Converts from USD, Euro or Pound to your local currency at Point of Sale.

Bitcoin Payroll

Shippable to over 170 Countries

Send and receive payments easily by shipping to or receiving debit cards almost anywhere. Full Country List

Withdraw Funds from ATMs

Cash available whenever you need it.

Loadable within Minutes

Load from Savings in minutes.

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