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We create solutions for remote workers looking for work and to optimally receive their wages. We offer unique jobs, flexible distributions, reduced payroll costs and increased fulfillment speeds.

John Lindsay

John Lindsay


Jonathan Chester

Jonathan Chester

Paolo Huelgas

Paolo Huelgas

VP Compliance & Risk
Morgan Martindell

Morgan Martindell

VP Engineering
Morgan Martindell

Diego Martin-Adan

Mobile & Europe Operations
Morgan Martindell

Fabiano Dias

Latam Operations
Juan Llanos

Juan Llanos

BSA/AML Advisor

CCO, Unidos Financial Services.

Joel Weise

Joel Weise

Security Advisor

CTO Security, Sun Microsystems.

Kacy Grine

Kacy Grine

EMEA Advisor

Advisor, HRH Prince Al Waleed bin Talal

Luca Venturini

Luca Venturini

Director, Europe

BootUp Ventures,, European Space Agency

Luca Venturini

Yibai Shu

Director, China

GSR Ventures. Compass Lexecon

Blockchain Alliance

Participating in U.S. Public-Private Forum To Help Combat Criminal Activity On The Blockchain

Pub Affairs Bruxelles

Participated in Working Group on Blockchain Legislation with E.U. Commission and Parliament

We are looking for talented people to join the Bitwage Team. Please apply through the Bitwage Recuiting Jobs Page. Some jobs are featured below.

Back-end Infrastructure, including querying and designing Internal and External APIs. Python and Javascript experience. Implementing proper security and quality standards. Contractor. Remote Ok.
Web Dev, Backend Dev

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90 clicks
Jan 17th, 2017

Customer Outreach & Acquisition Business & Marketing Strategy Customer Support (Email, Live Chat, In Person).

source: bitwage    remote
55 clicks
Jan 17th, 2017

Apr 17th 2017

Bitwage Releases Unique IBANs For EU Users

Since receiving a grant from BPIFrance and moving half of our team across the world to Paris as winners of the French Tech Ticket, we have been hard at work looking to expand throughout Europe and improve our European solutions. This is why we are happy to announce the launch of unique IBAN numbers for all users receiving wages in the EU.... Read More...

Nov 25th 2016

Bitwage Launches Bitwage Jobs Beta, Improves Bitwage.Me

Our mission with the launch of Bitwage ME is to make it easier for freelancers and contracting companies to get more jobs in the US and Europe. This is why we are happy to announce the beta of Bitwage Jobs, our new Job Board aggregator... Read More...

Aug 1st 2016

Bitwage Launches International Payroll Processing & Invoicing In Brazil

We are excited to announce the launching of our international payroll processing and invoicing services in Brazil. Starting today, Brazilian contractors and freelancers can invoice in the United States (USD), Eurozone (Euro), Canada (CAD), Australia (AUD), Switzerland (CHF), or the U.K. (GBP), without requiring their clients to sign up. Read More...

Feb 29th 2016

Your Wage Is Now Insured!

Securing and protecting your hard-earned wages is of the utmost importance to us at Bitwage. This is why we have carefully worked with security experts through our public bug-bounty program and other private independent experts to develop in-house enterprise grade security. Read More...

The following Style Guide (LOGO, PRIMARY COLORS, SECONDARY COLORS, and TYPOGRAPHY) is intended to preserve the Bitwage image. Do not use artwork from our site to imply sponsorship, endorsement or false association with Bitwage.

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Use for single-color application. Use when placing logo onto a photo or dark background

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Should be used for the majority of Bitwage assets.
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Should be used for illustrations, infographics, and other times when an additional color is necessary. Bitwage uses flat, vector illustrations to illustrate information and iconography.
C: 55
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