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Established in 2014, Bitwage is the leading provider of Bitcoin, stablecoins & cryptocurrency payroll solutions. Employees and freelancers can choose to be paid in their preferred mix of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and local currencies.

Choose your preferred mix of Bitcoin, stablecoins, cryptocurrency, and local currencies

Bitwage allows you to receive a portion of your wages in dollars and a portion in cryptocurrency.

Local currencies: USD, EUR, BRL, MXN, etc...

Bitcoin payroll

Stablecoin payroll

Cryptocurrency payroll


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Don't lose money along the way

With Bitwage, from any part of the world, you can get access to local bank accounts with a few clicks and that's it. Simple.

USD, Euro, GBP, CAD accounts

Quickly and easily open an account for receiving your salary

Invoice without border

Send invoices to all of your customers, domestic or international

Delivered to you same to next day

No longer worry where your money is

Directly deposit into your wallets and bank accounts

We are not the custodian of your funds, you are

The most flexible & compliant Bitcoin, cryptocurrency & stablecoin payroll system

Account dashboard

Your dashboard for tracking platform usage at a glance.

Our awesome features
Manage workers

Set up multiple user types and administrative profiles. Automate worker onboarding.

Our awesome features
Automated invoicing and expenses

Workers create invoices and expenses with our built in solution. Track and manage multiple invoices at once.

Our awesome features
Compliant reporting

Multiple kinds of reporting to meet accounting, tax, and other regulatory requirements

Our awesome features
Integrate with your payroll system

Offer crypto benefits with no additional overhead to HR organization

Our awesome features

Their employees love us!

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Get paid in your preferred mix of Bitcoin, stablecoin & cryptocurrency payroll

What we offer

Bitwage allows employers and freelancers to choose Bitcoin, stablecoin, & cryptocurrency payroll

International payroll

Simple, fast, and low cost payroll for international workforces and international freelancers

Domestic Payroll

Get paid in your preferred mix of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and your local currency.

Accounting + Tax Reporting

All the reporting you need to comply with accounting and tax rules

Dollar Cost Average

Getting your paycheck in cryptocurrency is the easiest way to dollar cost average. Dollar cost averaging reduces short term volatility exposure.

World Class Security

Zero breaches since 2014. Aligned with ISO and NISO standards.

Deposit direct to your wallet on payday

Connect up to 3 wallets and bank accounts for direct deposit on payday. No manual withdrawal required

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1000's of freelancers and businesses use Bitwage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto payroll is the process of paying employees in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, stablecoins and other digital assets.

Yes you can receive any percentage between Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, stablecoins, and local currency such as USD.

Absolutely. They can choose any percentage they want. You can learn more at -

Absolutely! As long as you have an employer in the US, UK, EU, or Canada you can receive your payroll from any company in those regions - even if you are based in a different country.

You provide your bank account or wallet details and we direct deposit to up to three different accounts on payday. We do not provide banking or wallet services.

Absolutely. We can pay out to 150 countries.

Yes you can! Bitwage integrates into 150+ compatible HRIS systems.

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